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EdTech Week - By Educators for Educators

9th - 14th November

From the 9th to the 14th November we will be holding a FREE six-day online EdTech event, #EdTechWeek2020 designed to celebrate the work of the EdTech Demonstrator Schools and Colleges, and to support educators - across the UK - in bringing technology into every aspect of their work, both in the classroom and remotely.

We invite you to join in the discussion with industry experts, high-profile speakers, and the teachers who are providing remote education in classrooms today - and ultimately, reshaping the future of education for us all.

Across the week, we will be offering:

  • Every morning, daily ‘Live Panels’ - Roundtables discussing policy, up-to-date sector issues, latest trends in education and technology and practical EdTech ideas for early years to Post-16.
  • Twilight ‘Tea & Chat’ - cross-regional panels made up from our network of Demonstrator schools and colleges.
  • Sharing CPD materials and online advice and guidance about how you can embed EdTech into your teaching, learning, organisation and community.
  • Friday Evening: Festival of EdTech Creativity - Music, dance, art, and drama, live on Facebook
  • Saturday: live EdTech Summit 2020 led by the national network of EdTech demonstrator schools and colleges.

With new speakers being confirmed daily, a packed agenda of think-tanks, live festivals and workshops, panels and presentations, our aim is to Share - Learn - Inspire with you. Join our social media communities as we count down until the 9th November @edtechdemo.

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Meet our Speakers

See our biography section to find out more about our wonderful speakers.

  • Mark Allday

    Mark Allday

  • Kriss Baird

    Kriss Baird

  • Benjamin Barker

    Benjamin Barker

  • Neil Beck

    Neil Beck

  • Matt Beck

    Matt Beck

  • Jennifer Benzer

    Jennifer Benzer

  • Jonathan Bishop

    Jonathan Bishop

  • Kate Broadribb

    Kate Broadribb

  • Sky Caves

    Sky Caves

  • Stephen Cooper

    Stephen Cooper

  • James Crowhurst

    James Crowhurst

  • Sarah Crowhurst

    Sarah Crowhurst

  • Gemma Curto Alonso

    Gemma Curto Alonso

  • Emma Darcy

    Emma Darcy

  • Harpreet Dhillon

    Harpreet Dhillon

  • Emily Dixon

    Emily Dixon

  • Tim Dolan

    Tim Dolan

  • Ty Goddard

    Ty Goddard

  • Pete Godwin

    Pete Godwin

  • Adam Gordon

    Adam Gordon

  • Heather Hadfield

    Heather Hadfield

  • Wayne Hall

    Wayne Hall

  • Nick Harlock

    Nick Harlock

  • Giles Hill

    Giles Hill

  • Holly Hunt

    Holly Hunt

  • Danielle Jarman

    Danielle Jarman

  • Terri Kudrath-Charnal

    Terri Kudrath-Charnal

  • Dr Marion Lean

    Dr Marion Lean

  • Graham Macaulay

    Graham Macaulay

  • Fatima Maniar

    Fatima Maniar

  • Anthony Martin

    Anthony Martin

  • Roopa Master-Coles

    Roopa Master-Coles

  • Sarah Morgan

    Sarah Morgan

  • Sarah Morgan

    Sarah Morgan

  • Sarah Northwood

    Sarah Northwood

  • Nicole Ponsford

    Nicole Ponsford

  • Luke Ravenscroft

    Luke Ravenscroft

  • Phil Roberts

    Phil Roberts

  • Harmeet Sahota

    Harmeet Sahota

  • Raheela Saleem

    Raheela Saleem

  • John Sibbald

    John Sibbald

  • Laura Smith

    Laura Smith

  • Tim Stirrup

    Tim Stirrup

  • Umaira Tariq

    Umaira Tariq

  • Josephine Webster

    Josephine Webster

  • Cassey Williams

    Cassey Williams

  • Andrew Yeomans

    Andrew Yeomans

    EdTech Week Agenda

    Join us for live panel discussions, twilight tea and chat sessions and our action packed Saturday Summit.

    Select a day below to expand the section and browse the lineup.



    Monday Agenda

    Monday 9th November 2020

     Time  Session information

    Welcome from Ty Goddard, Edtech Demonstrator Programme

    Joining link for attendees
    11:00 - 11:45am

     Live Panel

    'What we're learning - The Dfe Edtech Demonstrator programme and getting help with technology'

    Moderated by Ty Goddard, Education Foundation and Edtech Uk, Edtech Demonstrator

    Join us for this live panel discussion where we will be covering:

    • What we’ve done and where next? Developing Digital capacity, capability, and professional development.
    • Platforms, devices, and the Demo programme.
    • Meeting the new Ministerial direction: How to quickly pivot delivery of education to meet the new ministerial direction, including top tips on how to strengthen your remote education offer.
    • Creating long-term sustainability: How devices and digital platforms can be used in steady state

    Included in the panel are:

    • Jonathan Bishop, CEO Cornerstone Academy Trust, Edtech Demonstrator
    • Louise Astbury, Assistant Principal at Oldham Sixth Form College
    • Debra Gray, Principal opf Grimsby Institute, Edtech Demonstrator
    • Benjamin Barker, Vice Principal at Kings Leadership Academy in Warrington, Edtech Demonstrator
    • Tristan Kirkpatrick, Director of Computer Science at Outwood Grange Academies Trust
    • Kelly Edwards, Harlow College
    Joining link for attendees
    4:00 - 4:45pm

     Twilight Tea and Chat

    'Now you've got your learning platform... What next?'

    Moderated by Tim Stirrup, WM & NW Regional Lead

    The DfE learning platform grant programme has meant that thousands of schools have now got a new learning platform in place, or are about to. But what do schools do next? How do such learning platforms integrate with existing systems and resources in school? How can they support great learning and teaching? How can they support parental engagement? This session hears from demonstrator schools with direct, personal experience of full lockdowns, closures, bubbles and the support tech and LPs can give in such situations.

    Panel members include:

    • Nathan Thirlby, Kibworth Primary School/Discovery Trust
    • Jo Stone, Kibworth CE Primary School
    • James Crowhurst, Elizabeth Woodville Primary School
    Joining link for attendees



    Tuesday Agenda

    Tuesday 10th November 2020

     Time  Session information
     11:00 - 11:45am
    Live Panel

    'Developing Digital - Building Sustainable Strategies'

    Moderated by Ty Goddard, Education Foundation and Edtech Demo Programme

    Panel members include:

    • Paul Haigh, King Ecgbert School, Sheffield
    • Neill Oldham, Headteacher High Furlong School, Blackpool
    • Emma Darcy, Director of Technology for Learning at Chiltern Learning Trust.
    Joining link for attendees
     4:00 - 4:45pm
     Twilight Tea and Chat

    'Vision Teaching and Learning'

    Moderated by Laura Smith, LGfL and Regional Lead

    In this afternoon session we will be discussing:

    • Best quality teaching and learning, working remotely, engaging with parents in lockdown
    • Wider aspects of education to include attendance, anti-bullying online -safety, safeguarding and supporting parental engagement) and extracurricular activities.
    • Teacher workload: How to manage hybrid classrooms without double lesson planning (some in and some out of class etc.), and ways to draw on resource banks

    Panel members include:

    • Luke Ravenscroft, St Albans Catholic Primary School and Bishop Challoner Catholic College
    • Sarah Morgan, Danesfield School
    • Chloe Huby, Oldham Sixth Form College
    • Cassey Williams, Shacklewell Primary School
    • David Maguire, Coupals Primary Academy
    • Mark Allday, Assistant Headteacher at Sandringham School
    Joining link for attendees



    Wednesday Agenda

    Wednesday 11th November 2020

     Time  Session information
     11:10 - 11:55am
    Live Panel

    'The UK EdTech Market - how to enter it and what do educators need?'

    Moderated by Ty Goddard, Edtech Demonstrator Programme.

    Panel members include:

    • Jonathan Butler, Assistant Principal at Wilberforce College, Edtech Demo
    • Ted Edwards, London and Partners
    • Heather Hadfield, Edtech Demo Regional Lead
    • Jo Tasker, Tech London Advocates Education
    Joining link for attendees
     4:00 - 4:45pm
    Twilight Tea and Chat


    Moderated by Kriss Baird, EdTech Demo Regional Lead

    Panel members include:

    • Giles Hill, Aspire Trust
    • Harpreet Dhillon, Reach Academy
    • Andrew Yeomans, Delta Academy Trust

    In this afternoon session we will be discussing:

    • CPD - curriculum and different age phases, EdTech and ICT Leads, early career teachers and those that need upskilling in technology, support staff.
    • Pedagogy: How pedagogical practices can be adapted to promote effective remote education
    • Preparing for exams in remote education arrangements: getting pupils ready for exams remotely, top tips
    Joining link for attendees



    Thursday Agenda

    Thursday 12th November 2020

     Time  Session information
     11:00 - 11:45am
    Live Panel

    'Building remote education approaches across Primary Schools.'

    Moderated by Kriss Baird, Regional Lead Edtech Demo

    Panel members include:

    • Giles Hill, Aspire Trust
    • Harpreet Dhillon, Reach Academy
    • Andrew Yeomans, Associate Executive Principal and Remote Learning Lead, Delta Trust
    Joining link for attendees
     4:00 - 4:45pm
    Twilight Tea and Chat

    'Accessible Edtech for All - Beyond SEND'

    Moderated by Neil Beck, National Star, Edtech Demo

    Panel members include:

    • Adam Gordon, LGfL
    • Holly Hunt, Basingstoke College of Technology
    • Sky Caves, Basingstoke College of Technology
    • Ed Vainker, Reach Academy
    Joining link for attendees



    Friday Agenda

    Friday 13th November 2020

     Time  Session information
     11:00 - 11:45am
    Live Panel

    'Accessible Edtech for All - Diversity and Inclusion.'

    Moderated by Nicole Ponsford, Regional Lead and GEC

    Panel members include:

    • Emma Darcy, Diretor of Techology for Learning at Denbigh High School and the Chiltern Learning Trust
    • Marion Lean, Benefits Realisation, Broadband Delivery UK, DCMS
    • Umaira Tariq, Basingstoke College
    • Sky Caves, Basingstoke College
    • Nick Dennis, St Francis College
    • Steve Smith, LGfL
    • Harmeet Sahota, Headteacher, Consultant and Founder of Wide Curriculum
    Joining links for attendees
     4:00 - 4:45pm
    Twilight Tea and Chat

    'Digital Curriculums'

    Moderated by Heather Hadfield, Regional Lead Edtech Demo

    Panel members include:

    • Graham Macaulay, LEO Academy Trust
    • Roopa Master-Coles, STEM Engagement Manager at Winchester Science Centre.
    • Sarah Northwood, Librarian at Denbigh High School
    • Kate Broadribb, Senior Leader for Learning at Wildern Trust
    • Emily Dixon, Geography and Travel and Tourism BTEC Teacher at the Wildern Trust
    Joining links for attendees 
     4:00 - 6:00pm
    A Festival and Fireside Chat
    'Creativity in Schools - Why Bother?' 

    A Festival and Fireside chat with teachers and those in the creative industries to explore the importance of creativity in schools.

    Click here for more information

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    Saturday Summit

    Saturday Summit

    Saturday National Summit

    Saturday 14th November 2020

    Joining link for morning attendees (9:30 - 13:00)
    Joining link for afternoon attendees (13:00 - 17:00)

    Jump on and off the session as you need to between these times.

     Time  Session information
    Welcome and round-up of Edtech Week
     1-3 Demos
    1. Managing the cognitive load for staff and learners when delivering synchronous online sessions - Wayne Hall, Darlington College


    This session will look at online delivery and what it means for cognitive load. It will suggest timings and activities to maximise engagement and learning based on recent research.

    2. Gemma Curto, Jennifer Benzer and Terri Kudrath-Charnal - Oldham Sixth Form
    A. This session aims to explore how to embrace a healthy, research-based educational technology with our EdTech system. EdTech has overwhelmed many schools in the world with the flash and promise. However, it is also creating levels of anxiety that inhibit students’ abilities to sustain attention, to read for an extended time, to remember, it leads, in some cases, to lowered test scores and diminished critical thinking and social skills. While hyper-stimulating media pervades young peoples’ worlds I propose a framework that encourages schools to be selective, to embrace the transformative tech, such as video or website creation, and to set limits to the amount of tech and screen time the students are exposed to, while also supporting face-to-face collaboration. The best performing courses focus on pedagogical methods rather than in digital devices.

    B. Online teaching should be about staying focused on what we know about good teaching and working creatively to transfer these components to an online setting. It is about avoiding falling into the trap that online teaching is about finding the latest gimmick and instead being led by the pedagogy: how is this online tool going to help me teach and my students learn in a meaningful way? The online context presents both constraints and advantages in our quest to teach well. Online teaching is about navigating these benefits and difficulties in such a way that never loses sight of what we know about how to teach our subjects effectively.

    C. Shining a Light on Fake News in the Darkness of a Pandemic - This session will focus on the risks caused by disinformation and misinformation being spread online, and the manifestation of these digital risks over lockdown. This pit-stop session would include a safeguarding perspective, how this relates to educators' duties as pastoral caregivers and how we can mitigate the effects of online misinformation to ensure our students are safe and informed digital citizens

    3. Josephine Webster, The Hathershaw College

    Practical Tasks are at the core of many subjects making up a large proportion of content for the likes of Design and Technology, Art and PE. As a Secondary Design and Technology teacher, I have personally developed my own style of online teaching to better engage my students whilst helping them progress. Within this session I will discuss my successes (and failures) of navigating online learning from a practical, creative subjects perspective.

     4-7 Demos
    4. Keeping it Simple - John Sibbald, The Manchester College
    5. Sarah Morgan and Pete Godwin, Pheasey Park Farm Primary School
    6. How we approached virtual learning at Lea Forest - John Croxon, Lea Forest Primary Academy
     Lunchbreak - Edtech Think Tank, hosted by Ty Goddard
    7-12 Demos
    7. Paul Stone, CEO of Kibworth C of E Primary
    8. Visualisers for classroom, remote and hybrid teaching -Tim Dolan, Beauchamp College
    9. Using non-screen based lessons to overcome barriers and increase engagement - Danielle Jarman, Elizabeth Woodville Primary School
    An illustration of our creative, non screen based lesson ideas for overcoming some barriers and encouraging engagement.
    10. Contingency Planning for Remote Learning - How to ensure a continuity of learningJames Crowhurst and Sarah Crowhurst, Elizabeth Woodville Primary School

    A three phase plan / roadmap to help implement your remote learning / continuity plan

    11-15 Demos
    11. CPD that sets teachers up to deliver great remote education - Claire Couves, Reach Academy Feltham 
    12. How to build teacher confidence, resilience and innovation with Edtech - Kate Broadribb, Wildern MAT
    13. Blended learning, Independent Learning Escape Rooms & Encouraging reading through extra-curricular & cross curricular activities - Raheela Saleem, Nicola Harlock and Fatima Maniar, Denbigh High School with Challney High School for Girls
    Afternoon tea - Edtech Think Tank, hosted by Ty Goddard
    14-18 Demos
    14. Giles Hill, Mount Hawke Academy
    15. Neil Beck, National Star
    16. FLIP Week - Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of remote learningAnthony Martin, Exeter College

    Amidst half term and the looming lockdown 2.0, Exeter College flipped their lesson delivery from classroom based to a fully remote learning, building on the discoveries and feedback of the full lockdown earlier in the year. This week long trial set out to test our approaches, build teacher confidence, expose potential challenges, and ultimately, to learn. Join Anthony Martin as we explore some of those lessons learned from the Exeter College FLIP week

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